The Leadership Masterclass

Jeremy Darroch


In Circulation

THE LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASS is business advice at its very best. Insightful, intelligent, thought-provoking and counter-intuitive, it will force you to rethink all aspects of your approach to leading your team or your company.

There are five sections to chew over, which cover how to develop your very own leadership style, what the expected behaviours of the finest leaders are, the all-important strategy and how to initiate turnaround, change and set a vision, managing the reputation of yourself and your company and finally some lessons from those that have been there and done it.

THE LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASS provides practical, no-nonsense advice for the incumbent or aspiring leader, particularly if you are eager to use fresh ideas to stake your claim as one of the next generation of great leaders. If you want to inspire those around you, stand out from the crowd and make a positive contribution, you need to read THE LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASS.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Visionary Leadership: Emphasizing the importance of a clear and inspiring vision to lead and align teams toward common goals.

  2. Effective Communication: Techniques for impactful communication, conveying vision, strategy, and expectations to inspire and engage employees.

  3. Strategic Thinking: Insights into strategic decision-making, assessing risks, and identifying opportunities to drive business growth.

  4. Adaptability and Resilience: Strategies for navigating change, adapting to market shifts, and leading through challenges effectively.

  5. Empowering Teams: Encouraging a culture of empowerment, trust, and accountability to foster innovation and high-performance teams.

  6. Continuous Learning: Embracing a growth mindset and promoting a culture of continuous learning and development within the organization.

  7. Ethical Leadership: Emphasizing the importance of ethical leadership, integrity, and responsible decision-making.

  8. Relationship Building: Techniques for building strong relationships with stakeholders, customers, employees, and the community.

  9. Decision-Making: Insights into effective decision-making processes, weighing options, and making informed and timely decisions.

  10. Legacy and Succession: Considerations about leaving a lasting legacy and preparing for smooth leadership transitions.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-0-7553-6015-4
No of pages 171
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Business Plus
Published Date 02 Sep 2010

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