Conquest - Vedic Alternatives For Youth

Gaur Gopal Das




  • Can practicality and philosophy work together to recognize destructive emotions?
  • Can impulsive human behavior be transformed?
  • Are destructive emotions “hardwired” in our systems?
  • Can we learn to live at peace with ourselves and the others?
  • Bolster your immune system by learning spiritual practices that reduce negativity and develop positivity in your life through the upliftment of consciousness

“A truly valuable reference guide for learning to live a balanced life.”

“It talks of conquering the real enemies, enemies common to every man, enemies that otherwise seem to be unconquerable.”

Language English
No of pages 150
Book Publisher Tulsi Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2007
Audio Book Length 01:31:3

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Author : Gaur Gopal Das

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