Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workshop

Ricardo Semler



The International bestseller that tells how Semler tore up the rule books – and defied inflation running at up to 900% per year! Workers Make the Decisions previously made by their Bosses. Managerial Staff set their own salaries and Bonuses. Everyone has access to the company books. No formality a minimum of meetings, memos and approvals. Internal Walls torn Down. Shopfloor Workers set their own productivity targets and schedules.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Employee Empowerment: Semler advocates for empowering employees by giving them significant control over their work environment, including setting their salaries and determining their schedules.

  2. Democratic Decision-Making: Semco's unique approach involves democratic decision-making processes, where employees have a say in company decisions and policies.

  3. Flexible Work Environment: The book highlights the importance of a flexible work environment that allows employees to work in a manner that suits them best, promoting work-life balance.

  4. Trust and Transparency: Building trust and transparency between management and employees is crucial. Semler emphasizes the importance of open communication and trust in fostering a healthy workplace culture.

  5. Adaptability and Innovation: Semco's success is attributed to its ability to adapt quickly to changing markets and encourage innovation at all levels of the organization.

  6. Results-Oriented Culture: Semler focuses on outcomes rather than traditional work processes, allowing employees to focus on delivering results without strict adherence to conventional norms.

  7. Embracing Change: The book discusses the necessity of embracing change and being willing to let go of outdated practices in favor of new and more effective methods.

  8. Leadership Transformation: The role of leadership is redefined in Semler's model, shifting from traditional hierarchical control to servant leadership that supports and enables employees.

  9. Profit Sharing and Equity: Semco's philosophy includes profit sharing and giving employees a stake in the company's success, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation.

  10. Continuous Learning and Improvement: Encouraging a culture of continuous learning, Semler emphasizes the importance of personal and professional growth for both individuals and the organization as a whole.

Language English
ISBN-10 0712678867
ISBN-13 9780712678865
No of pages 316
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Book Publisher Random House Business Books
Published Date 06 Sep 2001

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