Everyone Else Must Fail: The Unvarnished Truth About Oracle and Larry Ellison

Karen Southwick


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Karen Southwick’s unauthorized account provides the full story of Larry Ellison’s brilliant, controversial career. Ellison’s drive and fierce ambition created Oracle out of the dust and built it into one of America’s great technology companies, but his unpredictable management style keeps it constantly on the edge of both success and disaster. The hostile bid for PeopleSoft is just the most recent example. With one clever strategic move, Larry Ellison threw much of the business software field into play.

The saying “It’s not enough that I succeed, everyone else must fail” has been so often used by or associated with Ellison that most people think it originated with him. It’s actually attributed to Genghis Khan, but it’s a dead-on way to describe not only the way Ellison thinks about competitors but the way he runs Oracle. His weapons are not marauding hordes, but Oracle’s possession of database technology that is crucial for keeping mission-critical information flows working at thousands of organizations, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Inside Oracle, Ellison has time and again systematically purged key operating, sales, and marketing people who got too powerful for his comfort. Most notable was Ray Lane, Oracle’s president for nine years, who was widely credited with bringing order out of the chaos that was Oracle in the early nineties and growing it into a ten billion dollar company. Ellison got rid of the one key person who was building confidence with Wall Street, business partners, and customers that Oracle was no longer flying by the seat of its pants and had its act together. Ellison’s mania for absolute control and his inability to coexist with the very lieutenants who bring much-needed stability to the company have brought Oracle to the brink of collapse before, and may well do it again.

Ellison is a throwback to an earlier, much more freewheeling version of capitalism, the kind practiced by the nineteenth-century robber barons who ran their companies as private fiefdoms. Larry Ellison is one of the most intriguing and dominant leaders of a major twenty-first-century corporation, and Everyone Else Must Fail raises the question of whether Oracle’s products and the reliance placed in them by so many are too important to be subject to the whims of one man. While giving credit to Ellison’s brilliance and devotion, the book sounds a warning about an ingenious man’s tendency to be his own company’s worst enemy.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Larry Ellison's Leadership Style: The book may delve into Larry Ellison's leadership style, exploring his approach to business, management, and decision-making.

  2. Oracle's Competitive Strategies: Insights into Oracle's strategies for competition and market dominance within the technology industry.

  3. Corporate Culture at Oracle: A discussion about the organizational culture fostered by Larry Ellison at Oracle and its impact on the company's success and challenges.

  4. Challenges Faced by Oracle: An exploration of the challenges Oracle has faced over the years, both internally and externally, and how the company navigated through them.

  5. Innovation and Technology Trends: Discussions on Oracle's role in driving innovation within the technology sector and its adaptation to emerging industry trends.

  6. Mergers and Acquisitions: Insight into Oracle's history of mergers and acquisitions, exploring how these strategic moves influenced the company's trajectory.

  7. Larry Ellison's Vision for Oracle: The book might highlight Larry Ellison's long-term vision for Oracle and how it evolved over time.

  8. Impact on the Software Industry: A broader discussion on Oracle's impact on the software industry, its influence on business practices, and the competitive landscape.

  9. Successes and Failures: An examination of both Oracle's successes and any notable setbacks, providing a balanced view of the company's history.

  10. Legacy of Larry Ellison: Insights into the lasting impact that Larry Ellison has had on Oracle and the technology industry as a whole.

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