Killing Ashish Karve

Salil Desai


In Circulation
Senior Inspector Saralkar is back at his desk after spending a rather annoying week at a Secrets of Living course, especially for police officers and he is itching for some action now. Luckily, an exciting new case turns up right away! The body of Ashish Karve, a local businessman has been found in the back seat of his car. To PSI Motkar, Saralkars diminutive assistant, it seems to be a straightforward case of suicide. But Saralkars sharp mind is agog with the dark possibility of murder. As the case unfolds Saralkar finds enough motives for people, be it Ashishs business partner, his wife, his brother, his friend, his brother-in-law or even strangers to want to do away with him! Is the senior inspector becoming too fanciful in his imagination or is he on the right track in assuming that Ashish was killed? Delve into this deliciously thrilling whodunit and walk along with Senior Inspector Saralkar and PSI Motka
Language English
ISBN-10 978-81-7234-531-0
No of pages 259
Book Publisher Finger Print
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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