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Eliyahu M Goldratt


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The Goal, Eli Goldratt's first book lays the basis for the THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS.The Goal was a runaway best-seller with many managers totally identifying themselves with Alex Rogo, the hero in the story. Many tried to implement the revolutionary management principle, The Theory of Constraints, unsuccessfully, with a few exceptions.While most readers could perceive and agree with the ""common sense"" of The Goal, they nevertheless had difficulty implementing the Theory of Constraints, for they could not identify the real constraint - they continued to try to improve everything they knew how to improve, they continued to justify investments based on cost calculations, they continued to make decisions based on product-cost impact. However, they continued to ignore the fundamental difference between a transfer batch and a process batch, they even continued to measure efficiencies and variances.

And this was done even in companies where the President made The Goal mandatory reading!Why?The obstacles, identified, being:? Lack of ability to propagate the message throughout the company? Lack of ability to translate the learning from the book into workable practices? Lack of ability to persuade the decision makers to allow the change of some of the measurements.Goldratt's answers for overcoming these obstacles were in the form of a precise verbalization of the need to change the measurements and the rules of logistical procedure; Drum-Buffer-Rope and the Buffer Management principles.

Once again, many managers did not get the expected benefits. So Dr. Goldratt developed a computer game. A game is probably easier to understand than a story. It is in the form of a computer simulation - where a factory situation is simulated. He called the book Production the TOC Way.We present the Production the TOC Way along with a work book and the computer simulation. This book is a must for all those anxious and eager to implement The Goal.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Theory of Constraints: Explaining the fundamental principles of TOC, which focuses on identifying and managing constraints or bottlenecks in production processes.

  2. Optimizing Production: Discussing methodologies and strategies to optimize production by identifying and addressing constraints that limit throughput.

  3. Constraint Identification: Exploring techniques to identify constraints within the production system, whether they are in machines, processes, or workflow.

  4. Buffer Management: Discussing the role of buffers in managing variability and uncertainty within the production system to prevent disruptions.

  5. Throughput Accounting: Introducing the concept of throughput accounting, which emphasizes maximizing the rate at which the system generates money through sales.

  6. Critical Chain Project Management: Addressing project management methodologies derived from TOC principles to improve project completion times and efficiency.

  7. Performance Measurement: Exploring performance metrics aligned with TOC principles, such as throughput, inventory, and operational expense.

  8. Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR): Explaining the DBR concept used to synchronize production processes to the pace of the constraint, optimizing overall throughput.

  9. Implementation Strategies: Providing guidance on implementing TOC principles within production environments and overcoming challenges in adoption.

  10. Continuous Improvement: Emphasizing the importance of ongoing improvement efforts based on TOC principles to adapt to changing production environments.

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