Chatur Chanakya and the Himalayan Problem

Radhakrishnan Pillai


In Circulation

Here's the smartest of them all!

Summer vacations are over. As a new academic year begins at Vani Vidyalaya, Arjun's search for a close friend and bench partner goes on, Lakshmi hopes to display her leadership skills, and all the teachers and students seem to be getting fed up of Himalaya's bullying and hurtful pranks.

In walks Chanakya, pale and thin, a choti shooting out of his big head, and soon it's clear that Vani Vidyalaya will never be the same again.

Chanakya is witty. Chanakya is smart. He always has a trick up his sleeve. Get ready to join Chanakya, Arjun and the gang on the first of many adventures. Get ready for Chatur Chanakya.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780143441649
ISBN-13 9780143441649
No of pages 116
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher puffin
Published Date 21 Dec 2017

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