What Every New Manager Needs To Know

Gerard H Gus - Gaynor


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"Companies depend on the ability of managers to fulfill organizational vision and meet crucial objectives. But without a firm grasp of critical management competencies, new managers’ own futures -- as well as the company’s -- can be at serious risk. What Every New Manager Needs to Know gives readers the skills they need to excel in their new responsibilities, such as managing the relationship between individual and team performance, making key people decisions like hiring, coaching and evaluating, developing budgets, and mastering the skills of project management. The book explores the key roles managers must take on in different situations, and answers fundamental questions like:

* What does it mean to be a manager?

* What work can be delegated to others?

* When is it -- and isn’t it -- appropriate to take on an active leadership role?

Featuring examples and stories, What Every New Manager Needs to Know shows newly appointed managers how to think outside the cubicle and excel in their new roles."

What will you learn from this book

  1. Transitioning into a Managerial Role: The book likely covers the transition process from an individual contributor to a managerial position, offering insights on the mindset shift and new responsibilities.

  2. Leadership Skills: Exploring essential leadership skills such as communication, decision-making, delegation, and motivating teams to achieve goals effectively.

  3. Team Building and Management: Strategies for building and managing high-performing teams, including fostering collaboration, resolving conflicts, and leveraging diverse strengths.

  4. Performance Management: Understanding performance metrics, setting clear expectations, providing feedback, and conducting performance evaluations to enhance team productivity.

  5. Time Management and Prioritization: Guidance on managing time efficiently, setting priorities, and balancing multiple responsibilities as a manager.

  6. Effective Communication: Emphasizing the importance of clear and effective communication, both upward to senior management and downward to team members.

  7. Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving: Techniques for resolving conflicts within teams and handling managerial challenges through effective problem-solving approaches.

  8. Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making: Encouraging new managers to think strategically and make informed decisions aligned with organizational objectives.

  9. Adapting to Change: Strategies for adapting to changes in the organizational landscape and leading teams through transitions effectively.

  10. Professional Development: Encouraging continuous learning and personal development to grow as a leader and adapt to evolving managerial challenges.

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Published Date 01 Dec 2003

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