The Age of Kali

William Dalrymple



The Age of Kali is thought-provoking book written by William Dalrymple. This book deals with the idea of 'Kali Yug' or 'kal Yug' during a time of political and social turmoil. This book shows readers the apparent forces that are driving India today. In this book, the author expresses his fears that India as a nation is falling into a cycle of volatile temperament, strife and corruption.

This book is a story of fanatic religious followers, corrupt politicians, social disintegration and communal violence. These factors are signs of Kali Yug in this country. As a man who lived in India for a long time, the author writes about his encounters in torturous times.

In Hindu physiology, the phase of Kali Yug is a time when the world seems to be filled with greed and turmoil, where morals plummet. This book contains a set of vivid and detailed essays that talks about certain people, places and events mainly from India. The time frame of this information is from the early to mid-nineties and includes important people such as Benazir Bhutto, Imran Khan and Baba Sehgal.

This book covers a diverse range of topics and places such as the Bhutto family, violence in Bihar, Lucknow, Satimata, Hyderabad and the city of widows. The Age of Kali was published by Penguin India in 2004. This book is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • The book released in India under the name at the Court of The Fish-Eyed Goddess.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-14-303109-0
No of pages 385
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin Books
Published Date 22 Jan 2004

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