You Are What You Eat.

Sonal Mittra



Eat Right – Live Right Everything you eat becomes part of you. The food you intake impacts your mood, your emotions, your feelings and of course, the way you look.

Our health depends on not only on what we eat, but various other factors such as how much we eat, how it is consumed and when. All food philosophies agree with the view that we should have a balanced diet, but how does one achieve this in today’s stressful urban life? This book is about better understanding food and realizing it’s impact on your personality, so that you can make healthy lifestyle decisions.

Using a number of stories and interesting facts, the book helps you understand : ? Food - knowing what you eat ? Different Food Philosophies ? Tips on diet and nutrition from across the world ? The healing power of food

Vitamins, minerals and nutrition ? Wonder Foods - eating your way to good health ? Healing with nature - using food to heal lifestyle diseases. Change Your Diet - Change Your Life!

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9385492198
No of pages 166
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2016

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