Tathastu! Your Success Granted

Ankit Thakar





"Narrative: This book provides the time tested “Success Mantras” to crease out all that has been standing between you and your life’s biggest success plan. It shall let you explore the uncharted terrain of a successful life. Everyone has the potential to achieve something outstanding. However, our beliefs about ourselves fix the limits of our achievements. Every individual has an assessment of himself and that basic self-assessment goes far towards determining what one can become.

You can do no more than what you believe you can. A tiny seed of desire to achieve what you deserved has been lying dormant in the soil of your mind. By picking up this book, you have uncovered that desire. It is your first step forward in this “Victory Voyage”. The time to see through your desires and be successful is now. The season to flourish is here. Do not stifle that little seedling of desire. Let it grow. This book, written and designed to tap your inherent energy, concentrates your scattered thoughts into a singular focal point, Success! Do you believe in your vision? Are you using all your inner powers collectively to work for your success? Answers to these questions explained in this book by using simple and structured techniques.

Blurb “When you pay constructive thoughts to your subconscious mind, in return, it owes you infinite success and satisfaction.” Ankit Thakar (Author) Learn the magic of the subconscious mind. You can bring wisdom, power, and an infinite supply of all, which is necessary to fulfil your Dreams. Unleash the boundless power of your thoughts. Draw whatever you want, as success in life from the ‘world bank’ of Thoughts. Transform the ambiguity of noisy thoughts into the serene Music of success.

People not awakened to this abundance are often filled with fears and doubts. Even at the very threshold of the opportunities, they exude Uncertainty and Panic. A jackpot win for such people drains out because of their lack of financial fertility of the thoughts in

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354464799
ISBN-13 9789354464799
No of pages 140
Book Publisher Evincepub Publishing
Published Date 01 Apr 2022
Audio Book Length 04:06:21

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