Discovering 'Who I Am' - From A Life Lived And Learned

Anup Gawdi



The book is a summarization of the journey which I have had till date. It contains snippets of My interactions with various people who have entered My life at different points of time and what lessons I have learned during My interactions with them and how they have shaped My personality and My belief system. Life for me is all about the experiences I have had and I have tried to put forth through this book The way I used the lessons learned in my personal and professional life in situations that I have encountered. The situations which I faced and the manner in which I handled them gave rise to some simple formulas which I have tried to put forth through this book to people who are interested in looking at life from a very simplistic nature. The book is a small effort from My side to put myself in front of the world and hopefully is a start in my literary life.

Language English
ISBN-13 978-81-947726-2-0
No of pages 240
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 14 Oct 2020

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Author : Anup Gawdi


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