Kannakis Anklet

Utkarsh Patel



Kinaki s Anklet is a near-adaptation of the Shilappadikaram, a masterpiece of the Sangam literature that showcased Tamil life and culture in its full splendor. The epic highlights the trials and tribulations of Kinaki, an ordinary woman, who endures personal adversities but chastises the king for his single act of misdemeanor and injustice.

Her anger burns down a city, forcing the goddess of the city to come down to appease her such was the wrath of a woman wronged! An ordinary woman, with mortal desires, goes on to be revered as Goddess Kinaki in Tamil Nadu, as Kurunegala Bhagavat and Attala Bhagwati in Kerala,

and as Goddess Pattani amongst the Sri Lankan Buddhists, while the Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus worship her as Kinaki Amman. Mr. Patel has done his ground-work with dedication and has made it a meaningful read to muse upon as well. Dr. Premal Nandakumar, Foreword

Language English
ISBN-10 9789385509117
No of pages 185
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Published Date 01 Mar 2018

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