Excellence By Design: Leadership

Spence B. John


In Circulation

Straightforward, practical and actionable guide designed to teach the essential steps necessary for becoming an extraordinary leader. Solid advice, powerful tools and timeless wisdom on how you can dramatically improve your leadership effectiveness. Lays out the six key characteristics of outstanding leaders.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Visionary Leadership: Effective leaders establish a clear vision and strategy that aligns with organizational goals, inspiring and guiding their teams toward excellence.

  2. Continuous Improvement: Encouraging a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the organization fosters innovation, efficiency, and sustained excellence.

  3. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leveraging data and analytics to make informed decisions, measure performance, and identify areas for improvement.

  4. Empowerment and Engagement: Empowering employees by delegating responsibilities, encouraging autonomy, and fostering a sense of ownership boosts engagement and productivity.

  5. Adaptability and Resilience: Leaders capable of adapting to change, navigating challenges, and guiding teams through adversity play a crucial role in achieving excellence.

  6. Strategic Planning and Execution: Developing robust strategies and effectively executing plans are fundamental to achieving organizational objectives and maintaining excellence.

  7. Creating a High-Performance Culture: Establishing and nurturing a culture that values excellence, accountability, transparency, and collaboration drives overall organizational success.

  8. Ethical Leadership: Upholding strong ethical standards and integrity in decision-making, setting an example for the organization, and building trust among team members.

  9. Innovation and Creativity: Encouraging and fostering an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity leads to new ideas, solutions, and approaches that drive excellence.

  10. Leadership Development: Investing in the development of leaders at all levels within the organization ensures a robust leadership pipeline and sustained excellence.

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ISBN-10 0977739015
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Book Publisher Flycaster & Co
Published Date 01 Jan 2008

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Author : Spence B. John


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