Surface A Novel

Siddhartha Deb


A compelling, chilling novel where characters fade in and out, paths lead nowhere, and nothing is quite what it seems Amrit is a reporter for the Sentinel, dispatched to 'the region' on the vaguest of assignments. Despite his initial reluctance, Amrit has known for a while that his career is going nowhere, and is hopeful he may uncover enough of interest and intrigue to secure him a job with a foreign magazine where he has a vague contact. He has the perfect place to start: a photograph he's uncovered of a young woman, ostensibly involved in pornography, taken captive by a shadowy insurgent group, and paraded before the press as a lesson to others like her. Yet, following her trail through dead-ends and paths that peter out, Amrit soon learns that in the region, nothing is quite what it seems. Finally, with his goal in sight, Amrit is forced to rethink his quest and, indeed, where his journey will take him next.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-330-48925-9
No of pages 261
Book Publisher Picador
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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Author : Siddhartha Deb

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