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Highlights of India Today Hindi 11th August 2021, issue: Cover Story: India-China Sanyam Ki Seema Rekha China expands its military aviation infrastructure on the Tibetan plateau even as the Indian army begins a great rebalance of forces—from the western border with Pakistan to the northern border with china. The loss of trust and absence of protocols mean miscalculations could spiral into conflict. Upfront: Opposition Gathbandhan Ka Tanabana West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata met Congress leader Sonia Gandhi for what she called “chai pe charcha”, yet another dig at the big adversary.

Talking to reporters later, she said the Congress president was equally keen on building an anti-Modi platform for ‘Hope 24’—Mamata’s catchword for the next general election. He is trying hard to make united opposition against BJP at national level. Upfront: Assam-Mizoram clash Seema Par Sangharsh Two North Eastern State police indulged in worst battle which costs lives of personals. The violent clash at the disputed Lailapur-Vairengte border between Assam and Mizoram on July 26, which resulted in the death of six Assam Police personnel, is a grim reminder of the simmering tensions among the seven Indian states collectively known as India’s northeast.

While inter-state border disputes are not new in the region, what makes this incident unique is the clash between the police forces of the two states and the alleged use of light machine guns by the Mizoram Police to open fire on Assam Police personnel. Upfront: Karnataka Akhir Chali Yediyurappa Ki The BJP picks Yediyurappa loyalist Basavaraj Bommai as its new Karnataka chief minister with an eye on the 2023 state election and the crucial Lingayat vote. Upfront: Uttarakhand Devta Par Dava There is dispute on Temple boards’ constitution in the state. Religious people are against to include donors in the board. Governments promises to constitute a committee to streamline things.

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