India's Broken Tryst

Tavleen Singh



Years after Jawaharlal Nehru's historic 'Tryst with destiny' speech, in Indian cities and villages millions survive on less than the bare minimum. Children are not in classrooms, women have nowhere safe to relieve themselves, and jobless men lie around in a daze.

In cities, where initiative should flourish, a merciless state looms large over every common endeavour. The civilization that was India, that grand culture, has not found utterance again. Long years after freedom from the British, why do we remain suppressed? In India's Broken Tryst, bestselling author and popular political columnist Tavleen Singh chronicles the damage done. She catalogues in bold, eviscerating detail the systematic unmaking of our sense of destiny.

Language English
ISBN-10 9352643917
ISBN-13 978-9352643912
No of pages 414
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Harper Collins
Published Date 20 Mar 2017

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