Dilbert And The Way Of The Weasel.

Scott Adams



In this new mass-market format, Sunday Times best-selling author Scott Adams presents an outrageous look at work, home, and everyday life in. Building on Dilbert's theory that "All people are idiots," Adams now says, “they are also weasels." Just ask anyone who worked at Enron. In this book, Adams takes a look into the Weasel Zone, the giant grey area between good moral behaviour and outright criminality. In the Weasel Zone, where most people reside, everything is misleading but not exactly a lie. Building on his hugely popular comic strip, Adams looks into work, home, and everyday life and exposes the weasel in everyone. With appearances from all the regular comic strip characters, Adams and Dilbert are at the top of their game - master satirists who expose the truth while making us laugh our heads off. `Funny, apt – relentless’ Financial Times `It would be unwise to bet against The Way of the Weasel’ Economist

What will you learn from this book

  1. Weasel Behavior: The book humorously addresses the negative aspects of human behavior in the corporate world, often referred to as "weasel behavior." It highlights behaviors such as manipulation, deceit, and self-serving actions commonly observed in office environments.

  2. Satirical Critique: Through the lens of Dilbert and other characters, Adams provides a satirical critique of corporate life, pointing out absurdities, inefficiencies, and unethical practices often encountered in organizations.

  3. Office Politics: It delves into office politics, showcasing how individuals sometimes prioritize personal agendas, politicking, and self-interest over the collective good of the organization.

  4. Management Ineptitude: The book humorously portrays management shortcomings, illustrating instances of ineffective leadership, poor decision-making, and bureaucratic obstacles.

  5. Humorous Insights: Using humor and satire, Adams offers insights into the realities of office dynamics, communication breakdowns, and the challenges faced by employees and managers.

  6. Weasel-Free Strategies: While highlighting the negative behaviors, the book might offer advice or strategies for individuals to navigate or avoid the pitfalls of weasel-like behavior in the workplace.

  7. Cultural Commentary: It provides a commentary on workplace culture, addressing issues such as corporate hypocrisy, meaningless jargon, and the prevalence of shallow corporate values.

  8. Entertainment and Reflection: "Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel" serves as both entertainment and a mirror to reflect on the absurdities and realities of corporate life, offering a humorous perspective on the challenges faced by employees.

  9. Cynical Outlook: The book might have a somewhat cynical outlook on certain aspects of corporate culture, presenting exaggerated scenarios for comedic effect while highlighting underlying truths.

  10. Reflection and Change: Although humorous, the book might prompt readers to reflect on their own behavior and the dynamics within their workplaces, potentially inspiring positive changes in workplace behavior and culture.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-7522-1559-0
ISBN-13 9780752215594
No of pages 305
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Book Publisher Boxtree
Published Date 03 Oct 2003

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