William & Harry: The True Story Of The Royal Princes.

Ingrid Seward



So much has been written about Princes William and Harry, yet so little is really known about them. In this book, the only full-length biography of the brothers, Ingrid Seward examines the extraordinary lives of the two men who are second and third in line to the British throne. From their privileged childhood, through the trauma of their parents' divorce and the subsequent tragic death of their mother, to the tabloid gossip and scandals of late, William and Harry have always fascinated. In this dual biography, Ingrid Seward provides an intimate look at their remarkable lives.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Family Dynamics: The book explores the complex dynamics within the royal family, focusing on the relationship between Prince William, Prince Harry, and other members of the royal household. It sheds light on the influence of their parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, on their upbringing.

  2. Childhood Experiences: Readers gain insight into the childhood experiences of Prince William and Prince Harry, including their education, hobbies, and interactions with the media. The book highlights the challenges they faced growing up in the public eye.

  3. Bond Between Brothers: Despite their different personalities and interests, the book emphasizes the strong bond between Prince William and Prince Harry. It delves into their shared experiences and the support they provide each other in both personal and public matters.

  4. Tragic Loss: The book addresses the impact of Princess Diana's tragic death on Prince William and Prince Harry, exploring how they coped with grief and navigated their emotions in the aftermath of the loss of their mother.

  5. Educational Pursuits: Readers learn about the educational journeys of Prince William and Prince Harry, from their schooling at prestigious institutions to their university experiences. The book highlights their academic achievements and extracurricular interests.

  6. Military Service: Both Prince William and Prince Harry have served in the military, and the book examines their experiences in the armed forces. It discusses their deployments, training, and the sense of duty instilled in them through their service.

  7. Philanthropic Endeavors: The book explores the philanthropic work undertaken by Prince William and Prince Harry, including their involvement in charitable organizations and humanitarian causes. It showcases their commitment to making a positive impact on society.

  8. Media Scrutiny: Prince William and Prince Harry have faced intense media scrutiny throughout their lives, and the book addresses the challenges of living under constant public scrutiny. It discusses the role of the media in shaping public perceptions of the royal family.

  9. Royal Duties: As members of the royal family, Prince William and Prince Harry have undertaken numerous official duties and engagements. The book examines their roles within the monarchy and their contributions to royal traditions and ceremonies.

  10. Continued Legacy: "William & Harry: The True Story of the Royal Princes" concludes with reflections on the future of Prince William and Prince Harry, their evolving roles within the royal family, and their ongoing efforts to honor the legacy of their parents and serve the British public.

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Published Date 05 Apr 2004

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