Hindu Histories - The Beginnings.

Nipun Shukla


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When journeying back into the past, from recent times to the ancient, one would find history gradually transform into legend, and legend into myth. This is especially true for a country as complicated and diverse as India. Thus, the ancient histories of its people, the Hindus (a broad term that includes all the people of the Indus River, the Sindhu), are also shrouded in myth and legend.

Hindu Histories, a fictional narrative complete with dates, hymns, and genealogies, is an attempt to throw light on those remote periods of the past. The basis of the work is in the assumption that Hindu myths are poetic (hyperbolic) forms of ancient social and political realities. The work builds on this assumption and moves on two intertwined paths.

The first interprets the said myths and reveals them to be actual events that transpired in those times. The second explores the role of Vedic Sages (founders, if you will, of ancient Hinduism) as influential philosophers and reformers, who in their quest to create a World-Family, lay, in the book, the foundations of the Vedic Period to come.

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