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The problem of not having enough time is as old as time itself, and so are most of the proposed cures. The trouble is, they don't seem to work. The Mind Gym: Give me time proposes a radically different approach to time and how we use it. Combining extensive psychological research with five years of testing amongst The Mind Gym's 100,000 members, this book offers practical solutions that will make you feel great about how your time is spent. The book is packed with techniques including

*how to achieve more by slowing down

* tiny time investments that deliver massive returns

* how to say 'no' and be loved for it

* simple ways to get other people to want to do your work for you

* how to get time with people who haven't got time for you

And there's no need to read this book from cover to cover. The questionnaire at the start guides you directly to the chapters that will help you most.

Language English
ISBN-10 0316731692
ISBN-13 978-0316731690
No of pages 272
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Book Publisher Little Brown & Co
Published Date 29 Dec 2005

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