Death to all sacred cows.

David Bernstein Beau Fraser Bill Schwab


In Circulation

"Teams Create the Best Solutions."


"Always Trust Your Research."


"It's Okay to Put Up with Jerks, If They're Talented."


When you think about it, there are a lot of Sacred Cows grazing lazily in the halls of corporate America. And we think it's time someone shot them. Dead.

Don't get us wrong. While the authors have nothing against cows in general (they love steak), they do have a problem with Sacred Cows. Blindly doing things because . . . well . . . that's the way they've always been done. Formulas may be comforting, but they rarely work in the real world.

This is the funniest--and truest--business book you'll ever read. Not only do the authors demonstrate how to identify and kill the Sacred Cows in your workplace, they also reveal brilliant alternatives that will put your career in overdrive and help make your business more profitable, innovative, and happy.

From branding ("Branding Is Expensive." BANG.) to leadership ("Follow the Leader." BANG.) to hiring ("Only Hire Someone Who Has Done the Job Before." BANG.) no Sacred Cow is left standing.

Oh, and here's another Sacred Cow of business books:

"No one reads flap copy."


What will you learn from this book

  1. Questioning Assumptions: Encouraging individuals and organizations to challenge long-held assumptions and beliefs that might hinder progress or innovation.

  2. Embracing Change: Being open to change and adaptation, even if it means discarding previously successful strategies or methods.

  3. Innovative Thinking: Fostering a culture that encourages creative and out-of-the-box thinking to generate new ideas and solutions.

  4. Risk-Taking and Experimentation: Encouraging calculated risk-taking and experimentation to discover new approaches or opportunities.

  5. Adapting to Market Dynamics: Recognizing that market dynamics are constantly evolving and being willing to adapt accordingly.

  6. Breaking Traditional Hierarchies: Challenging hierarchical structures that might stifle creativity or prevent new ideas from emerging.

  7. Focus on Results: Shifting focus from adherence to tradition or "the way things have always been done" to achieving measurable results.

  8. Continuous Improvement: Embracing a mindset of continuous improvement and learning, seeking better ways of operating.

Language English
ISBN-10 1401303315
ISBN-13 9781401303310
No of pages 211
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Book Publisher Hyperion Books
Published Date 11 Mar 2008

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