7 Smart Steps Of Wealth Management

Kaushik Sen



Currently the world has been hit by Covid-19 pandemic. Future is uncertain. Stock markets are volatile. Bank interests are falling. Gold prices are rising. Real estate prices are falling.

Also default risks are high. So where does one invest his or her savings.In the volatile stock markets, which is the correct time to buy, and which is the correct time to take profits. With falling fixed deposits interest rates, are life insurance policies better long term investment tools. Or should life insurance be treated as protection tool only.

This book tries to answer all these queries in the mind of a common investor. Also in this book, small but important ideas have been provided, which can help an individual to create real wealth.Overall the main objective of this book is to help common individuals to multiply their wealth.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-9390463541
ISBN-13 978-9390463541
No of pages 86
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 30 Dec 2020

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Author : Kaushik Sen


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