Lights, Camera, Action and Other Stories (Isapuram Tales - Book Two)

Anita Satyajit


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"Opposite game?" asked Diya. This sounded interesting. She was always interested in new games. So much fun!

Diya loves her family and friends, hates home-work, has a vivid imagination, gets into trouble, and thinks elders don't understand children! She is also super curious about everything. When her head and heart start buzzing with doubts or confusions, Diya heads straight to Baba for answers. After all, Baba is a spiritual teacher, the most respected man in Isapuram.

Lights, Camera, Action and other stories is a book about intuition, emotions, friendships, life and death. These short stories are based on the everyday lives of Diya, her friends, and their interactions with Baba.

Want to know what Diya and Baba talk about? Curious about her friends? What does Baba do when Diya gets angry with him? What happens when Diya mis-understands Biju? Read on to know more.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789353966911
ISBN-13 9789353966911
No of pages 90
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Anita Satyajit
Published Date 01 Jan 2020
Audio Book Length 01:14:58

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Author : Anita Satyajit


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