The Conquest.

Elizabeth chadwick



When a comet appears in the sky over England in 1066, Alyth, a young Saxon wife, feels sure that it can only bode well, in spite of her husband's fears. With a child on its way, the couple are prosperous and content. Yet, within a year, Alyth’s joy turns to heartache as her husband and her child are taken from her and the conquering Normans advance.

Alyth’s grief turns to love for a brief period with Rolf de Braze, a handsome and womanizing Norman invader. She bears him one daughter, but in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings she discovers a betrayal she cannot forgive . . .

Years later, the spirited and strong-willed Julietta is determined to find happiness, and yet her life has been filled with pain: from surviving life in a brothel in Southwark to suffering the pain of a forbidden love and a bitter, loveless marriage. Her quest takes her on a Pilgrimage to Compostela to a colorful horse fair in Bordeaux, to the terrors of piracy on the open sea.


Language English
ISBN-10 0751539414
ISBN-13 978-0-7515-3941-7
No of pages 568
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Little Brown & Co
Published Date 03 Aug 2006

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