Krishnavatara 1: The Magic Flute

K.M. Munshi


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Description (3900 characters maximum): Who has not heard of Sri Krishna who delivered the message of the Bhagavadgita and whom Bhagavat calls "God himself"? K.M.Mushi,the author has done a splendid job in exploring and explaining the various "Avatars" the Lord had donned. Thus the book comes in seven parts and this part is part 1 and named The Magic Flute.

The other parts of the Krishnavatara are also available with amazon and they are named Part 11 ..The Wrath Of the Emperor Part 111..The Five Brothers Part IV ..The Book Of Bhima Part V ..The Book Of Satyabhama Part VI..The Book Of Vedavyasa The Master Part VII..The Book Of Yudishtara.. Needless to say these books are a virtual treat to those who revere Lord Krishna. The book has gone through eleven re-prints since it was first published in the year 1962!!

Language English
ISBN-10 9788172764630
ISBN-13 9788172764630
No of pages 307
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Published Date 19 Aug 2012

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Author : K.M. Munshi


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