The Price of partition

Rafiq Zakaria



Dr Rafiq Zakaria, one of India's outstanding scholar-politicians, recapitulates in his inimitable style, the drama of those turbulent years when as a young man, he fought Jinnah and his Muslim League opposing the Two-Nation theory and participating in the Quit India movement.

This well-written wonderful book is not so much an autobiography as a narration of the author's personal experiences, his interaction with leaders and intellectuals, both Indian and British, and his reflection on how the partition came about.

It is studded with rare insights and there are flashes of brilliant reflections. Moreover it provides authentic evidence of the disastrous consequences of a wrong approach in settling a political problem. --- Mulk Raj Anand

Dr Zakaria's mastery over English and gift of expressions of finer thoughts lend added charm to the subject matter of his book. One sails through its pages like a canoe in placid water. --- R. Venkataraman, Former President of India

Language English
No of pages 210
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan
Published Date 01 Jan 1998

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Author : Rafiq Zakaria


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