The Book of Love: Stories




‘This is a collection of love stories. Though I cannot promise you a rose garden...’

When a chance encounter turns into a date, will Ajay and Priya give love a chance—despite their broken hearts? Fifty-nine-year-old Subhash tries to find a lover from thirty years ago, not knowing her last name, by sharing their story on a radio show.

Radha and Kabir sneak away from the hospital for a night on the town, before fate wrenches them apart forever.

Will Dara, a handsome army kid, finally settle down with the charismatic and beautiful Laila, the woman of his dreams?

A fleeting online correspondence across continents leads to an unlikely connection, helping Harry, a lonesome management student, through dark times.

Through these bold, powerful and heart-wrenching stories, The Book of Love paints a compelling portrait of the greyer shades of romance. By turns funny, tender, violent and tragic, this is a sparkling tribute to the pains, joys and peculiarities of love in the twenty-first century.

Language English
ISBN-10 9388874447
ISBN-13 978-9388874441
No of pages 176
Book Publisher Speaking Tiger Books
Published Date 10 Apr 2019

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Author : Ekarat


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