You Before Me

Drishti Sadana



Like a mouse that rummages around to find its cheese, everybody hopes to recognize patterns and signs to finally get hold of their lives that is sometimes, no less than a maze. What if something as ordinary as a blog unveils the destiny's diagram of love and fair dealing? Will you thank or curse your stars if the whole universe conspires to even out the odd of devil vs. divine? nIf 'Karma' can be thought of as a very, very beautiful woman, then my life surely has exceptionally sexy legs!i- Asmi nIbaadat? She can barely tell the difference between Pepsi and Cola!i- Devaansh. nAll Bare Minerals, Lanc me's, and Maybelline's won't help you keep a man. You need to start with the right foundation and you know what foundation I am talking about.i- Ibaadat"

Language English
ISBN-10 9382473939
ISBN-13 9789382473930
No of pages 84
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 18 Nov 2013

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Author : Drishti Sadana


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