Perseus Density's Call : A Graphic Novel

Ryan Foley



In the time of myth and legends…

Perseus always believed he was destined to live the life of a simple fisherman. He never believed he was special. When in an audience with the king of his island home in Sephiros, young Perseus inadvertently made a boastful claim. King Polydectes long wanted this young fisherman out of the way to pursue his beautiful mother and the king has used the claim to his advantage. The sinister king has now charged Perseus with an impossible task. As a wedding present, Perseus must present the head of a monster so hideous one look into her eyes will turn a man to stone.

But on this road to accomplish the impossible, Perseus will learn of his true origins. He will discover the tragic circumstances revolving around his birth, including his mother in chains, a murderous grandfather, and the identity of his unknown father who is known to reside in Olympus – the home of the gods.

To accomplish the impossible, Perseus gains gifts from the gods. But tools can only take a man so far. He must gird himself with courage, audacity and believe in himself to achieve the unachievable. With the life of his mother and family on the line, Perseus the Avenger must answer the call of destiny…

This is a story of heroism, honor, family, and embracing one’s true calling, during the golden age of mythology.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789380741086
No of pages 90
Book Publisher Campfire books
Published Date 31 Jan 2012

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