Talent is Overrated

Geoff Colvin


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What if everything you know about raw talent, hard work, and great performance is wrong? Few, if any, of the people around you are truly great at what they do. But why aren't they? Why don't they manage businesses like Jack Welch or Andy Grove, play golf like Tiger Woods or play the violin like Itzhak Perlman? Asked to explain why a few people truly excel, most of us offer one of two answers: hard work or a natural talent. However, scientific evidence doesn't support the notion that specific natural talents make great performers.

Expanding on one of the most popular Fortune articles in years, with much more scientific research and real-life examples, Geoff Colvin offered new evidence that top performers in any field - from Tiger Woods and Winston Churchill to Warren Buffett and Jack Welch - are not determined by their inborn talents. Greatness doesn't come from DNA but from practice and perseverance honed over decades. This 'deliberate practice' isn't the kind of hard work that your parents told you about. It's difficult. It hurts. But more of it equals better performance. Tons of it equals great performance.

This new mindset, combined with Colvin's practical advice, will change the way you think about your life and work - and will inspire you to achieve more in everything you do. Most profoundly, Colvin shows that great performance isn't reserved for a preordained few.

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• Global labor markets and information availability has led to the reduction of costs and increase in productivity, in turn, leading to high level of competitiveness.

• People are extremely good at what they do as a product of deliberate practice of certain field-related skills for a prolonged time.

• Successful people are very knowledgeable about their field. They build a mental framework which allows them to take in and store more information than a novice.

• Intrinsic motivators work best in fuelling a person’s drive to excellence.

• Childhood is the best time to start developing skills and practicing. Children are free from responsibilities and are able to devote the required time for practicing.

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Published Date 06 Nov 2008

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