The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies

Chet Holmes


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The bestselling business playbook for turbocharging any organization, updated for modern audiences with new and never-before-seen material

Every single day 3,076 businesses shut their doors. But what if you could create the finest, most profitable and best-run version of your business without wasting precious dollars on a thousand different strategies? When The Ultimate Sales Machine first published in 2007, legendary sales expert Chet Holmes gave us the key to do just that. All you need is to focus on twelve key areas of improvement—and practice them over and over with pigheaded discipline.

Now, a decade later, Chet’s daughter Amanda Holmes breathes new life into her father’s classic advice. With updated language to match our ever-changing times and over 50 new pages of content, The Ultimate Sales Machine will help any modern reader transform their organization into a high-performing, moneymaking force. With practical tools, real-life examples, and proven strategies, this book will show you how to:

   • Teach your team to work smarter, not harder
   • Get more bang from your marketing for less
   • Perfect every sales interaction by working on sales, not just in sales
   • Land your dream clients

This revised edition expands on these proven concepts, with checklists to get faster ROIs, Core Story Frameworks to get your company to number one in your marketplace, and a bonus, never-before-revealed chapter from Chet, “How to Live a Rich and Full Life,” that will put you in the best possible mindset to own your career.

For every CEO, manager, and business owner who wants to take their organization to the next level, The Ultimate Sales Machine will put you and your company on the path to success—and help you stay there!

What will you learn from this book

  1. Pigheaded Discipline and Determination: Holmes emphasizes the importance of unwavering discipline and determination in achieving success. Consistent, focused effort over time is crucial.

  2. The Power of Education-Based Marketing: The book may stress the effectiveness of educating customers as a strategy for building trust and positioning your business as an authority in the industry.

  3. Perfecting the Sales Process: Holmes likely provides insights into refining and perfecting the sales process. This could involve improving sales scripts, objection handling, and closing techniques.

  4. Time Management Mastery: The book may offer strategies for effective time management, including prioritization of tasks and eliminating time-wasting activities to maximize productivity.

  5. Strategic Planning: Holmes might emphasize the importance of strategic planning, including setting clear goals and developing detailed plans to achieve them.

  6. Effective Sales Training: Investing in continuous sales training for your team is likely highlighted. The book may provide insights into the importance of ongoing education and skill development.

  7. Implementing Best Practices: Holmes may discuss the importance of identifying and implementing best practices in sales, marketing, and business operations.

  8. Niche Domination: The book could focus on the benefits of dominating a niche market rather than attempting to appeal to a broad audience. Specialization and expertise in a specific area can lead to market leadership.

  9. Building and Managing a Dream Team: Holmes likely discusses the significance of assembling a high-performing team and implementing effective team management strategies.

  10. Balancing Work and Personal Life: Achieving success in sales and business shouldn't come at the expense of personal well-being. The book may provide insights into achieving a healthy work-life balance.

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Published Date 27 May 2008

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