The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz : A Graphic Novel

L Frank Baum



A powerful tornado rips through the Kansas prairie catching Dorothy inside her home. Caught inside the vortex, the home floats for hours. When the house finally lands on the ground again, it kills a wicked witch. Dorothy finds herself in new surroundings and is welcomed by the local inhabitants, the Munchkins, who tell her she is in Oz, surrounded by a great desert that cannot be crossed. Dorothy’s only hope of escape is to see the great Wizard of Oz.

On her journey to meet the Wizard, she is joined by some unusual friends who also want favours from the Wizard. But the Wizard will not help Dorothy and her friends unless they do something for him: they must kill the Wicked Witch of the West! Read on to know more about Dorothy’s adventures in this delightful tale that has fascinated children for ages.

Language English
ISBN-10 9380028512
ISBN-13 9789380028514
No of pages 78
Book Publisher Campfire books
Published Date 08 Mar 2011

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Author : L Frank Baum

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