What Got You Here Won’t Get You There - Book Summary

Marshall Goldsmith





Perhaps one small flaw a behaviour you barely even recognise is the only thing thats keeping you from where you want to be. It may be that the very characteristic that you believe got you where you are like the drive to win at all costs is whats holding you back. As this book explains, people often do well in spite of certain habits rather than because of them and need a "to stop" list rather than one listing what "to do".

Marshall Goldsmiths expertise is inhelping global leaders overcome their unconscious annoying habits and become more successful. His one-on-one coaching comes with asix figure price tag but in this book you get his great advice for much less.


What will you learn from this book

In this summary, you will learn:

1. What the 21 bad habits are which hinder our progress.

2. How we can change for better.

Language English
No of pages 20
Book Publisher i-Read Publications
Published Date 02 Mar 2020
Audio Book Length 00:15:37

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