Effective Advertising: Understanding When, How and Why Advertising Works

J. Gerard Tellis


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'Telis has done a remarkable job. He has brought together an amazingly diverse literature. Unlike some other sources that claim to be able to measure the effects of advertising, Telis’s thoroughness and ability to understand and convey results of various experiments and statistical analyses helps the reader to separate the wheat from the chaff. Any student of advertising, whether new to the field or a seasoned veteran executive or researcher, should read this book'

  • Alan G. Sawyer, University of Florida

Understanding Effective Advertising: How, When, and Why Ads Work reviews and summarizes an extensive body of research on advertising effectiveness. In particular, it summarizes what we know today on when, how, and why advertising works.

The primary focus of the book is on the instantaneous and carryover effects of advertising on consumer choice, sales, and market share. In addition, the book reviews research on the rich variety of ad appeals, and suggests which appeals work, and when, how, and why they work.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Understanding Consumer Behavior: Exploring how advertising influences consumer behavior, purchasing decisions, and brand perceptions.

  2. Ad Effectiveness Metrics: Discussing various metrics and methods used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, such as brand awareness, recall, and purchase intent.

  3. Media Selection Strategies: Exploring different media channels (TV, digital, print, social media) and how to strategically select and optimize them for effective advertising campaigns.

  4. Creative Strategies: Analyzing the role of creativity in advertising, understanding what makes an ad memorable, engaging, and impactful.

  5. Campaign Planning and Execution: Detailing the process of planning, executing, and evaluating advertising campaigns, including setting objectives, targeting, and positioning.

  6. Psychology and Persuasion: Examining psychological principles and persuasion techniques used in advertising to influence consumer perceptions and behavior.

  7. Cultural and Global Perspectives: Considering cultural nuances and global perspectives in advertising strategies, acknowledging how cultural differences impact ad effectiveness.

  8. Adaptation to Digital Landscape: Addressing the shift to digital advertising, exploring trends, challenges, and strategies to create effective digital ad campaigns.

  9. Long-Term Impact of Advertising: Understanding the long-term effects of advertising on brand equity, customer loyalty, and market share.

  10. Ethics and Responsibility: Discussing ethical considerations in advertising, including issues related to truthfulness, transparency, and social responsibility in advertising content.

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Published Date 01 Mar 2004

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Author : J. Gerard Tellis


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