Paradox Process: Creative Business Solutions...Where You Least Expect to Find Them

Derm Berrett



This volume asserts that creative problem solving does not stem from safe, linear, or even logical thinking patterns. Instead, it states that it is doing the opposite of what convention dictates that leads to success, and it explores the advantages of paradoxical thinking, as well as how to do it.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Embrace contradictions: Paradoxes often contain truth. Learn to appreciate and explore the complexity within contradictions rather than seeing them as obstacles.

  2. Shift perspective: By adopting a paradoxical mindset, you can view situations from multiple angles, allowing for more innovative and creative solutions.

  3. Balance opposites: Rather than seeking a clear resolution between opposing ideas, seek harmony or balance between them. Sometimes, the truth lies in integrating conflicting elements.

  4. Manage uncertainty: Paradoxes often exist in ambiguous or uncertain situations. Learn to navigate and thrive in uncertain conditions by acknowledging and working with paradoxes.

  5. Enhance decision-making: Incorporating paradoxical thinking can help in making better decisions, especially in complex scenarios where straightforward solutions may not apply.

  6. Foster adaptability: Embracing paradoxes can enhance your adaptability and resilience by accepting and leveraging change and ambiguity.

  7. Cultivate empathy: Understanding paradoxes can improve empathy by acknowledging the multiplicity of perspectives and experiences that coexist.

  8. Encourage creativity: Paradoxical thinking can stimulate creativity by challenging conventional thinking patterns and encouraging exploration of new ideas and possibilities.

  9. Navigate leadership challenges: Leaders can benefit from paradoxical thinking by managing conflicting priorities, fostering collaboration, and leading through ambiguity.

  10. Continual learning: Adopting a paradoxical mindset requires ongoing learning and growth. Embrace the process of understanding and applying paradoxes in different aspects of life.

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Published Date 03 Dec 1997

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