Teams At The Top

Jon R Katzenbach


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It is common knowledge that CEOs declare their direct reports to be a team at the top. Yet with a culture of individual accountability and self-reliance pervading executive suites, few senior executive groups ever function as real teams. Too often, the same holds true for leadership groups below. If that sounds like what's happening in your company, this is the book your entire management group must read. In a natural follow-up to his bestselling The Wisdom of Teams, Jon Katzenbach moves his focus farther up the organizational ladder to offer practical guidelines for increasing leadership capacity at the highest executive levels. Teams at the Top shows how even the strongest and most successful CEO can improve the performance of various leadership groupings by enabling senior executives and next-level leaders to function as real teams as well as single-leader units--all without sacrificing each member's individual leadership capabilities and results. According to Katzenbach, the best corporate leaders have been actively shifting in and out of team mode behind closed doors, unbeknownst to others. This happens particularly in times of crisis and in response to unexpected event, when the group spontaneously begins to function as a true t3am with a common goal for which all members are mutually accountable. Teams at the Top explains how to recognize when a team effort at the upper management level is preferable and when a working group under single leadership fits best. Then, the book demonstrates how to develop the capability to shift into whichever mode is appropriate to the task at hand, integrating the discipline required for real teams with discipline needed for executive leadership without compromising one in favor of the other. With stories and examples from wellknown companies--including Enron, Ben & Jerry's Champion, Citicorp, and Mobil--and lessons that are applicable for management gruoup sthroughout the organization, this book will help companeis of all sizes and in all industries maximize the full potential of their leadership.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-87584-789-7
No of pages 239
Book Publisher Harvard Business School Publishing
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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