The Trial of the Maharaja

Debleena Majumdar



The true account of the first Judicial Murder in British India 1775: British East India Company had won the battles of Plassey and Buxar. Their devastating tax measures and government machinery led to the Great Bengal Famine. Even as the masses struggled for survival, the Company was on a steady path towards maximizing profits and becoming the undisputed rulers of Bengal.
Maharaja Nanda Kumar was an influential landowner in Bengal, who had been put in charge for revenue collection by the Company. He stumbled upon the elaborate game of money laundering and corruption with one man behind it all – Warren Hastings.
Nanda Kumar decided to expose him and their battle of wits led to a historic eight-day Supreme Court trial. Its ripples reached London, leading to impeachment trials of two affluent British officers.
Read The Trial of the Maharaja to know what happened when a brave Indian Maharaja stood up against the British authority. This real-life historical drama shows one man’s fight against men in power, for the love of his land and countrymen.

Language English
ISBN-13 ‎ 9789390441259
No of pages 200
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 15 Oct 2022

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Author : Debleena Majumdar


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