Two Of A Kind Book # 12:The Cool Club

Mary Kate & Ashley



Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Tween Queen Twins! Your new best friends have just arrived…

There's a new girl, Elise, at White Oak Academy – and Mary-Kate and Ashley think she's the coolest. That's why when she forms a new super-secret club and asks Mary-Kate and Ashley to join, they say yes.

They're thrilled – until things start to go really wrong. None of Mary-Kate and Ashley's other friends are invited to join the club! And then Mary-Kate and Ashley find out that the kids in the club have a huge secret – one that could get them into very big trouble!

Language English
ISBN-10 9945500499
ISBN-13 978-0007144693
No of pages 100
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Harper Collins Publishers
Published Date 03 Mar 2003

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Author : Mary Kate & Ashley

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