Why Customers Leave : And How To Win Them Back

David Avrin


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Why customers leave is one of the 7 business books entrepreneurs need to read! - forbes magazine in why customers leave, popular customer experience and marketing speaker david avrin shows you how customer experience is the new competitive advantage in an era of vast marketplace choices david explores and articulates the disturbing new dynamic that has arisen from easy-to-find, one-click-away, at-your-fingertips options: “we have become a world of impatient, intolerant and demanding customers, and we move on quickly if inconvenienced in any way.

Customer experience is much more than “service with a smile!” it is examining every point along your customer or client’s journey and asking: “can this be done better, faster, smarter, more streamlined, conveniently, intuitively, memorably or simply with less friction?” in this book, we are going to question why you conduct your business the way you do. We will look at how you design your customer interactions, tell you which ones they don’t like, and explain why they leave you for your competitors, and of course, how to fix that. It is important to fix the problems you may be unaware of as a crucial first step and foundation to a successful business.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Understanding Customer Attrition:

    • The book may delve into the various reasons why customers decide to leave a business, examining factors such as dissatisfaction, competition, or changing needs.
  2. Customer Feedback:

    • Gathering and analyzing customer feedback may be emphasized as a crucial tool for understanding the root causes of customer departure.
  3. Proactive Customer Retention Strategies:

    • Strategies to proactively identify and address issues before they lead to customer churn might be discussed, focusing on preventive measures.
  4. Personalization and Relationship Building:

    • The importance of building personalized relationships with customers and tailoring offerings to their individual needs may be highlighted.
  5. Service Recovery:

    • The book might explore the concept of service recovery, emphasizing the significance of resolving issues promptly and effectively to win back dissatisfied customers.
  6. Effective Communication:

    • Communication strategies to keep customers informed about improvements, new offerings, or changes that address their concerns may be discussed.
  7. Competitive Advantage:

    • The book could touch upon creating a competitive advantage that makes customers reluctant to switch to competitors.
  8. Loyalty Programs:

    • The implementation and effectiveness of loyalty programs in retaining customers might be explored.
  9. Data-Driven Insights:

    • The book may discuss the role of data analytics in gaining insights into customer behavior and preferences to inform retention strategies.
  10. Cultural Alignment:

    • The alignment of organizational culture with customer values might be discussed as a key factor in building long-term relationships.
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Published Date 01 Jan 2019

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