7th Heaven.

James Patterson



Michael Campion was a people's hero, a popular governor's son who publicly battled against a rare and debilitating heart illness. When he vanished without a trace one evening, his disappearance and the search to find him, dead or alive, hit the headlines daily.

But the trail went cold very quickly. Now with a new lead, Detective Lindsay Boxer is determined to find out what happened to San Francisco’s Golden Boy. Meanwhile, a string of fatal arson attacks have broken out leaving four rich, successful married couples dead. What could the motive be for these ruthless murders and what is their link to the Campion case?

With the help of her friends and fellow Women's Murder Club members - Yuki, an attorney feeling the strain of a high profile court case; Claire, a medical examiner trying to balance her career and her pregnancy and Cindy, the reporter for a San Francisco newspaper - Lindsay must find the suspects, and fast.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-1-846-05251-4
No of pages 377
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Century
Published Date 15 Dec 2007

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