Three Times Loser....Love Never Dies

Akash Verma


Megha, a home-maker in Gurgaon, receives a letter. Mandira, a top MNC executive in New Delhi receives a letter. Shonali, a Corporate Slut in Mumbai receives a letter. Three unknown people; three different lives; one common thread that binds them together. Alok. Why is he calling them after so many years? What is it that he has, which he wants to return back to each one of them? Three times loser... it the story of love and friendship; of sacrifice and deceit and of victories and heart-breaks. The story meanders through the narrow by lanes of Paliwal Park in Agra to the politically alive corridors of Lucknow University and finally lights up the studios of Smile FM in New Delhi. The quest for love continues over years; over time; and over cities. Does it find its destination in the end? From the bestselling of 'It happened that Night' comes another intriguing tale that wrenches your heart, and makes you look fondly at the emotion called love; that is so hard to find; yet so easy to lose.
Language English
ISBN-10 978-93-80349-46-6
No of pages 264
Book Publisher aghjkl
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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Author : Akash Verma

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