The First And Last Freedom.

J Krishnamurti



Krishnamurti belonged to no religion, sect, or country, nor did he subscribe to any school of political or ideological thought. Instead he stated that these are the very factors that divide us from one another and bring about personal and social conflict and ultimately war. His talks and discussions were based not on any authority of tradition or academic knowledge, but on his own insights into the human mind and his relationship with the sacred. He consistently communicated a sense of freshness and directness with his audiences, although his message remained basically unchanged over the years.

His teachings are best approached directly and not through any interpreters or commentators. The first and last freedom was first brought out in 1954 by a British publisher in response to demands from all over the world for a comprehensive book on Krishnamurti's teachings. The value of the book was enhanced with Aldous Huxley writing a masterly foreword. In which he says:

'In this volume of selections from the writings and recorded talks of Krishnamurti, the reader will find a clear contemporary statement of the fundamental human problem, together with an invitation to solve it in the only way in which it can be solved - for and by himself.' The book falls into two pats - Krishnamurti's reflections on life, and answers to questions put to him by his audiences. It covers a wide range of themes, from boredom and gossip to self-knowledge and God, and thus provides a good starting point for those wishing to familiarize themselves with Krishnamurti's teachings.

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