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Since 2010, Indian retail has centred around shopping malls, inarguably the best format of organised retail in the country. The Indian retail landscape has seen a plethora of shopping malls being launched every year since then, we now have more than 600 mallspan India with designs and brands that can compete with most global malls. However, 2020 saw the Indian Shopping Centre hitting a massive roadblock.

The pandemic has been a once-in-a-lifetime test of business continuity planning for retail businesses across the globe. The subsequent global lockdown, shutdown of all economic activities threw the retail and shopping centre industries into chaos, with only 5 malls being launched – in Gurugram, Delhi, Lucknow and Bengaluru. The growth scale became imbalanced in a matter of weeks and all predictions were disproved. Many upcoming shopping mall projects had to be stopped midway while others were permanently shelved and suffered major financial losses.

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