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Toyota doesn't just produce cars; it produces talented people. In the international bestseller, The Toyota Way, Jeffrey Liker explained Toyota's remarkable success through a 4P model for excellence-Philosophy, People, Problem Solving, and Process. Liker, with coauthor David Meier, provided deeper insight into the practical application of the principles in The Toyota Way Fieldbook. Now, these authorities on Toyota reveal how you can develop talented people and achieve incredible results in your company.

Toyota Talent walks you through the rigorous methodology used by this global powerhouse to grow high-performing individuals from within. Beginning with a review of Toyota's landmark approach to developing people, the authors illustrate the critical importance of creating a learning and teaching culture in your organization. They provide specific examples necessary to train employees in all areas-from the shop floor to engineering to staff members in service organizations-and show you how to support and encourage every individual to reach his or her top potential.

Toyota Talent provides you with the inside knowledge you need to

  • Identify your development needs and create a training plan
  • Understand the various types of work and how to break complicated jobs into teachable skills
  • Set behavioral expectations by properly preparing your workplace
  • Recognize and develop potential trainers within your workforce
  • Effectively educate nonmanufacturing employees and members of the staff
  • Develop internal Lean Manufacturing experts

    Guiding you with expert tips and training aids, as well as real-world examples drawn from the authors' two decades of research and field work, Liker and Meier show you how to get the most out of people who live and breathe your company's philosophy-and who work together toward a common goal.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Respect for People: Toyota's approach to talent development is deeply rooted in its philosophy of respecting people. The company invests in its employees' growth and development, recognizing their potential and valuing their contributions.

  2. Continuous Improvement (Kaizen): Toyota emphasizes continuous learning and improvement at all levels. Employees are encouraged to continuously refine their skills and knowledge, fostering a culture of ongoing development.

  3. Hands-on Learning: Learning at Toyota isn't solely classroom-based; it's highly experiential and hands-on. Employees learn by doing, engaging in practical tasks and gaining real-world experience.

  4. Mentorship and Coaching: The book emphasizes the role of mentorship and coaching in talent development. Experienced employees guide and mentor newcomers, transferring knowledge, skills, and Toyota's culture.

  5. Problem-Solving Skills: Toyota places a significant emphasis on developing problem-solving skills. Employees are encouraged to identify issues, analyze root causes, and implement solutions, fostering a culture of continuous problem-solving.

  6. Gemba (On-the-Ground) Involvement: Toyota's talent development involves direct involvement in the 'Gemba' or the actual place where work is done. This hands-on engagement allows employees to understand processes and problems firsthand.

  7. Cross-Functional Learning: Employees are encouraged to have a broad understanding of the organization's various functions. This cross-functional learning helps develop well-rounded individuals capable of contributing across different areas.

  8. Standardization with Flexibility: While Toyota has standardized processes, it also values flexibility. Employees are empowered to make improvements within the standardized framework, encouraging innovation and adaptation.

  9. Long-Term Perspective: Talent development at Toyota isn't rushed. The company takes a long-term view, investing in employees' growth gradually over time, understanding that developing skills and capabilities is a continuous journey.

  10. Cultural Embedding: Toyota's talent development isn't just about skill-building; it's about embedding a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement into every employee.

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