Reject Me I Love It !

John Fuhrman


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  • Endorsed by respected speakers and trainers of Fortune 500 companies.- Learn about the "some will/some won't/so what" attitude and how it is absolutely essential for dealing with rejection, overcoming the fear of it, and being truly successful.
  • Uses the "just suppose" approach to help the reader build their dream.
  • Written in the language and tone of today's employee and entrepreneur.

Reject Me--I Love It! reinforces the mission statements of many successful organizations but does so in a manner that is fun for everyone who reads it regardless of position or tenure. Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout to inspire and motivate. It is already an international bestseller outside the book trade.

Language English
ISBN-10 093871628X
ISBN-13 9780938716280
No of pages 166
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Success Publishing
Published Date 01 Jul 1997

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