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Most people who witnessed the way The Deccan chargers fought for the IPL 2 trophy have come to one obvious conclusion:how a cellar team pulled off an extraordinary transformation to rise to the top.However, the world is full of people who are curious and look beyond the obvious. In their eagernes to know more they want to dig deeper. They look for insights that make such changes possible.Not just cricket addresses the curiosity of such minds. It lays bare in detail what happened during the IPL 2 series, off the field and on the field and on the field.Apart from enjoying this book, you would also relish feasting your eyes on outstanding pictures captured during the series-both at various cricketing centres and on the field.
Language English
ISBN-10 978-81-909136-0-7
No of pages 216
Book Publisher Odyssey
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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