Krishna and the Lake of Souls (Krishna, #1)

Anurag Bhatt



Krishna aka Krish belongs to Nainital and lives with his mother, and has one best friend, Siddhu aka Sid. Krish and Sid have been taken to Mussoorie from Nainital by his magnate maternal uncle so they have better educational and career opportunities. One day, when he comes to know about his mother’s demise, he is grieved beyond despair and his dog, Jhumru, brings to him a pristine book. The book seems odd to him since it contains only one handwritten story and a caution. But the titles of five stories are listed, in no ordered sequence, in the list of contents. Next day, Krish, Sid and Jhumru are lured into some other world or dimension for failing to heed the caution. There they meet with Nishe, a congenial girl of their age, and her mother, Shelly. This world is completely different from theirs. Here, people can perform magic and mutate themselves into various creatures while some can make themselves altogether invisible. But, Krish, Sid and Jhumru want to go back to the world they belong. In search of the manoeuvre for returning home, they come to know that whatever was written in the book is true, including the evil Kemodoak mentioned therein. And, as soon as they progress in their search for the way back, the blank pages start filling up, one by one, with the stories they were intended to convey. What happens to them? What happens when they confront the evil, Kemodoak? Do they succeed in bringing themselves back to their world? Also, there are many other inconspicuous things to be revealed in the other world. But the prime question is -- Who wrote the mystical book, and do the boys have any connection with the other world?

Language English
ISBN-10 978-9382473428
ISBN-13 9789382473428
No of pages 174
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 14 Mar 2013

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Author : Anurag Bhatt


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