The Other Side Chronicles - the Impending War

Chinmay Rastogi



The Other Side Chronicles - The Impending War Lightning doesn't usually strike twice. But when it does, it forebodes something ominous. For Tina, the first bolt of lightning was her Brain Tumor. Before she could recuperate from that, the second bolt sizzles through the air around her.

The Other side - a world similar to ours, connected to ours - faces an impending war that can spell the end of more than one world. An ancient clan is back to wreak havoc and reduce everything to naught. As she meets strange men with stranger abilities in treacherous, testing surroundings, where everyone's after her, eager to turn the tide their way, Tina only hopes to have a home to return to

Language English
ISBN-10 9789388424677
ISBN-13 9789388424677
No of pages 274
Book Publisher Vishwakarma Publications
Published Date 20 Sep 2019

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Author : Chinmay Rastogi


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