How To Raise A Brighter Child.

Joan Beck



1. How much is a child capable of learning before the age of six?

2. What happens to a child's brain during the preschool years when the body is growing so rapidly?

3. How can working parents make sure their children are getting enough mental stimulation?

4. Should parents help a youngster learn to read before he or she starts the first grade?

5. How can parents safely use computers and the Internet as early learning tools?

6. Is a child's intelligence level actually fixed for life by inherited genes?

You'll find the answers to these and hundreds of other vital questions in this revised and updated edition of this classic parenting guide. How to Raise a Brighter Child incorporates groundbreaking scientific findings on brain development to help you boost your child's potential from birth.

Discover specific early learning techniques to aid your child's development of his or her mind -- in his or her own personal style and at the appropriate speed. These are not formal lessons. Most are fascinating games. And they work!

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Published Date 01 Sep 1999

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